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Booker Wines 

Booker Vineyards is one of the top wineries in Paso Robles. The winery typically produces about 4,500 cases a year. Most of Booker Vineyard’s wines sell out upon release from their exclusive mailing list. Some of the wine is held for use in the tasting room and about 5 percent is kept for distribution to restaurants, hotels and small shops. Wine critics love their wines and they have been rated in the Top 10 of the Top 100 wines of 2017 by Wine Spectatormagazine.

Pleasure Is All Wine will have exclusive access to Booker Wines and is extremely proud to be their launch partner for Alabama. Come by the shop today and get your allocation.

We are excited to announce the overwhelming response to these highly in demand exclusive wines below is an update on what is still available we expect these to sell out soon don't delay on acquiring these exciting wines. 

Solid and mixed case discounts of 10% are available on these exclusive wines. 

White - 96 pts - $52.99 - only 36 bottles available only 26 remain
The only white that Booker produces. This wine ages on average for 12 months in a concrete tank or new and used French oak barrels. Booker's goal with this wine each year is to create something that you haven’t tasted from a white before. The team wants this wine to be different, to surprise you, and if anything… to err on the funky side. The 2017 White is in the same ballpark and is reminiscent of a top Hermitage Blanc. Quince, honeysuckle, buttered citrus, marmalade, and white flower notes all flow to a full-bodied, concentrated, yet beautifully balanced white that does everything right. It’s that perfect match of richness and freshness, not to mention awesome purity.

Oublié - 97 pts - $81.99 - only 36 bottles available only 23 remain
Oublié is one of Booker's lightest blends. It aims to mimic a Châteaneuf-du-Pape and pair well with all types of food. The name is a French term for the “forgotten” and references the Counoise grape which was used in the original blend, though uncommonly seen in California wines. A blend of Grenache, Counoise and Mourvèdre, fermented with roughly 40% stems, the 2016 Oubilé is incredibly primary and has a southern Rhône like profile of black raspberries, peppery spice, and dried herbs. Full-bodied, elegant and silky, with fine tannin, it's an incredible wine.

Vertigo - 98 pts - $81.99 - only 60 bottles available only 40 remain
Vertigo aims to be a traditional Rhône blend, a “G-S-M”. They ferment a portion of this wine whole cluster and use stem inclusion to add a bit to its character in terms of tannin and spice. Booker named this wine 'Vertigo' in jest for one of their steepest hillsides that grows Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre. The 2016 Vertigo 52% Syrah, 30% Grenache and 18% Mourvèdre is a smoking bottle of wine. Blackberries, blueberries, violets, spring flowers, and loads of spice give way to a ripe, sexy, voluptuous wine that's going to put a smile on everyone's face.

My Favorite Neighbor - 96 pts - $81.99
My Favorite Neighbor opens softly with luscious, dark fruit notes, seamlessly crosses the mid-palate and leaves you with a lengthy finish of blackberry compote and espresso. The blend is composed of 69% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Syrah, 11% Petit Verdot. Very deep purple-black colored, it reveals intense cassis, ripe plums and wild blueberries with touches of licorice, tilled soil and black pepper with a waft of floral notions. Full, rich, chocolaty and oh-so-seductive, it fills the mouth with generous crushed black berries flavors framed by rounded tannins and finishing long and spicy.

Fracture - 100 pts - $115.99 - only 36 bottles available only 9 remain
Just over half of our property is planted with Syrah. We put our best barrels of Syrah into Fracture and then age in 228 L Barriques. The name is a tribute to the high content of limestone in our soil. Limestone causes our vineyard soil to fracture rather than crumble. Black raspberries, cassis, licorice, and hints of vanilla all flow to a gorgeously pure, seamless, silky, layered beauty that has sensational tannin quality, a great mid-palate and a clean, lengthy finish. 2016 Fracture is a killer bottle of wine - a must have for anyone.

About Booker's Winemaker

In 2000, when Eric Jensen and his family moved to Paso Robles, it was the biggest running joke with his friends in Southern California. “I had a gardener and a pool guy,” recalls Jensen. But soon he was immersed in viticulture and winemaking, taking classes, reading books and hanging out with Saxum’s Justin Smith. Jensen hit pay dirt the day he and Smith drove into the rocky, well-drained soils of a 102-acre property in Paso’s west side. “We saw the big, steep hillsides, so we knew we could control yields. We liked that it was all different exposures, so we could plant anything,” recalls Jensen.

In 2005, Jensen launched the Booker label, featuring bold and ripe wines from his vineyard. Both the vineyard and wines are named after the site’s original owners, Claude and Dick Booker, who once owned more than 1,000 acres in the area and were known as being great neighbors and sponsors of the land.

The energetic Jensen is quick to brag these days about how often he drives his tractor (every day), his opinions on shortcuts (there aren’t any) and the two most important things about vineyard management (canopy management and crop load). “I’m a farmer,” he says with a grin. “I bang my chest when I say it.”